Man Reunites With His Mother After 16 Years And This Emotional Moment Will Touch Your Heart!

He couldn’t contain his surprise to see such large box in his living room, which he was told was a “present”. And he never thought that such priceless gift will come to him, which he longs to see for the past 16 years! Finally he reduced to tears when the “present” was unwrapped and ended up with a teary reunion!

Arturo Fabian, 44 had not seen his mother in years as she couldn’t get a visa to visit him in America. Just to make a surprise, his family flew her out to their home in Garfield, New Jersey. They have orchestrated this surprise reunion after a long awaited 16 years!When Arturo returned home from work, he was stunned to receive this priceless gift -60 year old, Guadalupe Montalbo!

I am sure, this must be the best present he would have ever received in his entire life time! Like a child, he hugging his loving mom is the most heartwarming video which will soak our hearts in love!