Man With Cerebral Palsy Sees Beach For The First Time After Staying Home 20 Years

36-year-old David Thomas with cerebral palsy experiences the ocean for the very first time in his life. David visited the Panama City Beach, Florida with his church family and thanked God for fulfilling his dream.

“If I never experience this again, I’m going to enjoy it right now and live in the moment and thank God for what it is,” David said with tear filled eyes!

David Thomas from Bessemer, Alabama was born with cerebral palsy and thought he would never get to see the beach for himself. He had not left his home in 20 years. Thanks to his friend Izas Fuller, who surprised David with a wonderful trip to see the ocean for the very first time. David was just 16-years-old, when he ventured outdoors last time for a school field trip back in 1998.

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