Man Gives Concert To Shelter Dogs And Their Reaction Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

Music works hand in hand with caring love and the creations responds to the power of both, love and music! Research shows that music helps soothes shelter pet’s who lives in a very loud and stressful environment! Vance county animal shelter is now become a venue for such experiments and their experience is now spread across gaining accolades!

Initially Chad Old’s and Nobles, never knew how their dogs would respond to the crooning until he began singing in his guitar! Chad, an animal service officer with Vance County was surprised to witness the reaction of the animals! The entire adoption room, with a large crowd of dogs and cats, was never been so quiet and at peace as now with his music concert!

Olds is a professional musician who carries his guitar quite a lot of the time, and the other day, Old’s boss at Vance County, Frankie Nobles suggested him to put a little show for the shelters animals. The stunning result was that “They just stopped barking”!

Impressed with the given results, Chad and Nobles is now filming their concert and sharing it on the social media. They aim to have some delights and fun and that would make people happy and also wants to encourage other shelters to try performing the same for their pets! The third point is that they want to draw attention to the shelter to find some forever homes for these poor animals!

They will continue to have this “enrichment” program at their shelter and the entire care staffs are excited to get involved in it! Stay tuned with this loving concert on the shelter’s Facebook page.

🎵Vance county animal shelter is adding on to their enrichment program!! Chad Olds, an animal service officer with Vance county played his guitar to a very eager crowd. The adoption room had never been so quiet and at peace. We plan to continue this program so keep watch for more free concerts 🎶 #VCASpets

Posted by Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter on Tuesday, 13 February 2018