Man Gives Parents A Tear-Jerking Surprise By Graduating After Being Suspended From College

Repentance is always a good news for all the parents. Whether it’s our heavenly dad or our earthly dad, repentance always brings joy and happiness in heaven and earth alike!

‘From the moment, I promise to never let you down again’. 24 year old Hanss Mujica has changed his mind towards his loving parents. He feels sorry for all the wrong doing he has done for his parents. Before it’s too late, he is making a coming back to his parents with a double packet good news.

The first letter reads, after the death of his older brother in 2011, he could realize the pain of his parents in losing a son, and the way he has disappointed his parents by dropping his academic pursuits is making him feel sorry .And a gaze that he “admits” broke him and he vowed to never let his parents down again!

And the second letter reveals that after being suspended from college, he has finally managed to earn his graduation and the tickets were there in the envelope! The 24 year was told he’d finally graduating From University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley College in spring 2018!

Its too heartwarming to see the way this young man is surprising his loving family! He just stayed behind them to give a full fledged surprise!They never thought they were going to receive the answers for their prayer in such beautiful envelops!