Single Dad Who Walks 11 Miles To Work Each Day Receives Huge Surprise From Coworkers

21 year old Trenton Lewis who walks 11 miles to work everyday to reach his duty on time, until his co workers appreciated him with a feasible commutation facility -a reliable car!

Trenton Lewis is a single dad, who always wanted to give the best to his daughter, and when he gets the job at UPS he was more than happy to walk those extra miles to support his family!  He works at UPS as loader and  his duty starts at 4 a.m and day after day, he gets up before midnight to start his walk to job! He walks almost 3 hours a day and never get late for his shift! No matter what the weather was like, Lewis was never worried about anything, but keep on moving in his feet with some music on his head!

Fortunately one of his coworker , named Patricia Bryant was highly impressed by Lewi’s work ethic and she took notice of his hurdles to reach in time for his assigned shift! She shared this wonderful nature of Lewi’s daily work to her husband Kenneth Bryant, a veteran driver at UPS!Kenneth was happy to hear about such great dedication about his coworker and says “ if someone has that type of determination, I’d be willing to help them,” we just wanted to lend somebody a helping hand” .

His kindness was good enough to initiate a good cause and eventually they have managed to collect $ 1900 and a found reliable car for Lewis!He even ensured everything to be perfect to present this wonderful surprise to Lewis! Hence he invited Lewis saying there is a union meeting at the parking lot and when comes for the usual meeting, in the midst of all , Bryan reached into his pocket and pulled those keys for Lewis!

His heart was dropping and he couldn’t even believe such greatness form his coworkers! No more long walks for Lewis and earning some lasting relationships!!

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