This Man With Dementia Has A VERY Special Bond With A Rescue Dog

A dog rescued from neglect is helping a man coping with Dementia to enjoy life! The adorable video shows the beautiful love of a dog with a man, and their way of enjoying the life in a new dimension of love will fill our hearts!

Louis was a neglected dog and all he needed was love. So his foster mom thought it would be great if she can introduce him to her dad who suffers from dementia. Fortunately she was success in figuring out this way to make the days of her father and her pet little easier. The amazing bond between her dad and Louis was a kind of game changer in their tough life. Even though she has 4 more dogs under her care, this one was exceptional and everyone will fall in love with his cuteness! Within short time the intelligent and energetic dog could steal the hearts of his masters!

Watch and see the way he keeps them happy and joyful throughout the day!