Man With Rare Disorder Captures Millions Of Hearts When He Meets Santa!

This young champ is so excited to see the big Santa and he rushed to hug him making millions into his jubilation! Seeing his son running in exuberance, his mom Jennifer Pallone was quick to capture this precious moment and share it with all of us in this joyous season.

Jennifer Pallone’s 24 year old son Andy, of O’Fallon, has a chromosomal abnormality called 15Q24, resulting in development delays, some mild orthopedic problems, a hole in his heart and low muscle tone. He is the first person in U.S. to be diagnosed with this type of medical disorder and the oldest in the world with it.! Andy lives with Community link in Germantown and he helps deliver Meals on Wheels!

This loving mom was little worried seeing his son running in such hush, might plow over the 6’6” Santa..But thank God “Andy is going to be a one-hit wonder” she laughed sharing this cute loving video of his son!

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