Man Has Priceless Reaction When Siblings Surprises Him With New Puppy

The 33 year old man was surprised to see his best Christmas gift given by his brother, a perfect puppy he ever met in the world! Joseph Naylor was interested in adopting a dog and on last Tuesday he could find the best puppy at SPCA of Brevard , the Florida animal shelter where his sister Susan Naylor works as a spokesperson!

When Susan informed him about the new puppies which was born in the shelter two months ago, Joseph came by the shelter to meet them. To his surprise one puppy immediately stood up and came to him at the shelter and most gladly he knew that this one is the best one and he named the puppy right there on the spot “Waylon”!

He texted a picture of the pup to his brother and sister in law , Jared and Summer Naylor to get their approval but was disappointed to see their silence!little did he knew that his loving siblings were doing the necessary arrangements for “Waylon” adoption to give him the best Christmas gift! It was Jared’s idea was to surprise him with the puppy at his workplace at a pet friendly barbecue restaurant!


Posted by Joseph Naylor on Wednesday, 20 December 2017