17-Year-Old Deaf And Blind Dog Stayed By Side Of Missing Girl For 16 Hours

17 year old deaf and partially blind dog is being hailed a hero for finding and remaining by the side of a lost child in Australia. Their loyal blue heeler named Max kept the child safe and secure while she spent the whole night lost in Queensland bushland.

3 year old, baby girl named Aurora was reported missing after she wandered away from her family property at Cherry Gully, south of Warwick on Friday 3 pm. After she wandered off her own on April 20th, the family frantically searched for her in the cold and wet weather on the very night but they just couldn’t trace her out.

Early morning more than 100 state emergency service volunteers, polices and public all gathered to search for the missing baby. Finally at around 8.am they could locate the girl safe and well with their family dog, Max.Aurora and Max were found about a mile away from the house by her grandmother, Bennet. She heard Aurora faintly from the top of a mountain, about 2 km away from their family property. First she found Max , who led her to the child who was there in the bushland.

“I shot up the mountain and when I got to the top, the dog came to me and led me straight to her” Aurora’s grandmother Leisa Marie Bennet said!

SES area controller Ian Phipps and the whole team is very happy about the outcome of their search. The child and dog has some minor cuts and abrasions but was otherwise safe and secure, he reported.

And for the good work of Max, he has been named an honorary police dog and now his heroism is viral in the internet!

“SUCH A GOOD BOY MAX”, we love you!

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