Girl With No Legs Walked Using Tin Cans Until A Kind Doctor Saw Her Photo

A good Samaritan doctor, Dr Mehmet Zeki Culcu saw the misery of a young girl named Maya Merhi and helped her to walk tall with new prosthetic. His kind gesture of love is aptly highlighted and worth reading!

8-year-old Maya Merhi has a rare congenital disorder that caused her to be born without legs. Her father, who has the same disorder, made a makeshift tin can legs for Maya to protect her from hot and dirty ground. He constructed the prosthetic using tuna fish cans and PVC pipes and the girl used to crawl with the same.

It was after they fled to Alello, the predicament of this refugee girl from Syria started being shared in the internet. Her photographs with tin cans catches the attention of a Turkish prosthetic specialist named Dr Mehmet Zeki Culcu. He reached out to Maya via Turkish Red Crescent and invited the father and daughter to Istanbul, Turkey! He then fitted Maya with a new pair of prosthetic legs and provided the life saving treatment free of charge!

His overwhelming kindness was so much for Maya to shed the tears of joy and the doctor was also  happy to see his young patient learning to walk with a sweet smile!

From tuna cans for legs to prosthetic limbs

From using tuna cans for legs to receiving prosthetic limbs. Meet the 8-year-old Syrian girl whose plight touched the world.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Saturday, July 7, 2018