12-Year-Old Gospel Singer Stuns Everyone With His Incredible Talent

God has ordained praises for His glorious name from the lips of children and infants! Seeing this toddler singing the praises of God in such passion and power goes in line with this very Word of God! Just in 12 years old, Miles becomes the “Little Big Shots” in the mighty hand of God and watching his incredible Gospel singing will leave us in worshiping!

NBC’s hit series Little Big Shots returns with such talented and unique kids from all over the world!  And little Miles has chosen the beautiful Gospel song to highlight their beautiful episode! His amazing voice was good enough to uplift the spirits of the audience. They all have responded with big bang applause to his marvelous performance!

Surely God has blessed him with amazing talents and he is aptly using his talents to glorify his Heavenly Master! I am sure he will be marvelously used for the Kingdom advancement!