Military Dad Starts Crying Seeing His Two Months Old Son For The First Time!

The military personnel put everything on the line when they elect to enlist and serve! So every homecoming is so precious for them to meet their loved ones for a while! This highly responsible job even makes these soldiers to go without meeting their newborn babies for unbearable amounts of time. And Gavin Harding was one such military man!

But this time his home coming was wrapped up with a  double portion blessing, because he and Melissa were scheduled to marry in just a few days and they already have this little bundle of joy to makes them feel complete! During a break in his grueling training schedule, Harding made this homecoming to see his 2 month-old-son for the first time. The proud dad kissed on the forehead of his little baby named “William” with joyful tears saying” the most perfect baby I have ever seen in my life”.

This 18 year old – Maysville, Kentucky, resident met his fiancee Melissa back in grade school at Augusta High School and eventually moved to join the Marines. This beautiful video shows the military man tearfully embracing his wife-to-be with their sweet baby boy snuggled in his arms!