Little Girl Had No Idea Why She’s At The Airport Until She Spotted Her Military Dad

Little Adalynn had no idea that she was waiting to receive his Dad at the airport. Even though her sign said it all, she was too young to read it. “I’m here to get my dad just don’t know cause I can’t read it”!

Adalynn’s father Senior Airman Ron Durbin is coming home after 7 months to hold his little girl in his arms once again! After his deployment he was finally returning home to Box Elder, South Dekota where his family is currently staying. When his flight landed at the Rapid City Regional Airport, he eagerly stepped off of the plane to greet his His wife Alison and their two and half year old daughter Adalynn.

The adorable video shows the little girl, who was neither expecting nor knowing that her dad is coming is surprised to see his quick appearance at the airport. As soon as she saw her dad, the little girl ran into his arms and held onto him tightly with loving kisses! His wife was seen struggling to control her tears of joy and embraced her husband!