Military Dad Gives 5-Year-Old Son A Sweet Surprise At Veterans Day Assembly!

Surprise gifts are the best way to bring that cute smile on the little’s cheeks. This Pennsylvania Military Dad was no different in this idea when he made a surprise visit to his 5 year old son’s school at Veterans Day Assembly!

Its was Jaziah’s Mom, Kayla White’s idea to surprise her son with his father’s homecoming after she got the note from the school asking the  kids to participate in the Veteran’s Day tribute by thanking local veterans and sending letters to soldiers  they’ve never met! Corporal Rogelio Morales arrived at home from Fort Hood, Tx a week prior to the surprise and had to hide at his mother-in-laws house to ensure he wasn’t found by his son Jaziah!

This loving parent well planned to give a surprise visit to the students, especially their son, at Bethlehem, PA community on the Veterans Day celebration! It is really fabulous, you will like it!

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