Military Mom Surprises Kids At School With A Heartwarming Reunion

Holidays with family and friends are the biggest part of our happiness! And this Military parents were too excited to join their family to celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays after 9 months of deployment at Kuwait.

Lacey and her husband Pavel both are into Army service and their kids are under the guardian of Lacey’s parents.With her children safe, Lacey wanted to surprise them both and give them the unexpected joy of a family filled holiday!

So she first went to her son’s school -Daxton, her Kindergartner who was told that a special guest was coming to their school that day! Sitting on the carpet all the kid’s heads were turned towards the door expecting their special guest! And this beautiful video shows the little Daxton’s surprise to see his special guest “Mommy”.

Military mother surprises 2 Midway ISD children in time for Th…

Just covered a couple heartwarming moments in Midway ISD.

Today, Sgt. Lacey Poltoratskiy surprised her son Daxton Hunter, 5, and her daughter JaiceyBelle Hunter, 12, at school after returning from a nine-month tour in Kuwait. Her children expected her a few days later, so this came as a complete shock, they said.

Below is Daxton’s surprise at Hewitt Elementary this morning. He thought he was having a guest speaker coming to read to his class (I apologize for the shaking, it became a little emotional).

Posted by Shelly Conlon – The Waco Tribune-Herald on Monday, November 13, 2017

But for daughter, Lacey was little sneaky and choose to undercover in a panther’s mask knowing her daughter’s love for drama! The 7th grade, JaiceyBelle was crying in happy tears as the Mom and daughter embraced!

Military Mom Surprises Daughter At School

“Home for Thanksgiving! The Panther is about to surprise Midway Middle School 7th grader, JaiceyBelle. She has no idea the surprise waiting for her underneath that mascot mask, is her soldier Mom!” ❤️


Submitted by Midway ISD

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, November 18, 2017

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