Missing Service Dog Can’t Contain His Joy When He Reunites With Family

The heartwarming reunion of a missing service dog with his grieving family will melt your heart. The dog named Wrigley was missing after the family’s’ car was stolen. The combined effort of community and police helped him reunite with his family.

Lana is a Marine Corps veteran who suffers from seizures and headaches. Wrigley is a trained dog who can help her according to the situation. That day the family ,Lana Whitner, her husband, Tim and their daughter was in a holiday trip along with Wrigley when they met with an unpleasant event. Lana and Tim were driving separate vehicles to explore different destinations from Illinois to Florida. Lana’s SUV got stolen by 3 suspects when they stopped to take break in Indianapolis. Unfortunately Lana’s service dog was also inside the missing vehicle.

The immediate action from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department could find the stolen vehicle, but Wrigley was still missing. Officer Justin Lawrence decided to involve the community to find him. With the help of social media, they found Wrigley. This is the precious moment, when the loving dog reunites with his family.