Mom And Grandmother Adopts 9 Siblings Together For A Beautiful Reason

It’s such a pleasure to see that few more kids are getting a forever home as they are getting adopted by two loving family!  Peggy Smith and her husband didn’t have any kids of their own and they have adopted the 4 youngest siblings. Peggy’s mother-in law, Loryn Smith adopted the remaining 5 children.

These Tampa Bay, Florida families have come forward with this unique adoption decision just because their family doesn’t have to be torn apart! These children didn’t make the choices that separated them and they deserved to be together . The nine siblings now only live five minutes apart from each other and will get the opportunity to grow up together!

Out of the nine kids, Desiree is the oldest child and the youngest sibling is just 4 months old! The young couple Smith and Peggy is happy to help these four young kids to grow under their wings. Loryn and her husband are still keeping their enthusiasm to become parents again as they have gathered 5 children under their shelter! They’ve already raised 15 adoptive children and five biological and are blessed with tons of parenting experiences!

The Family discovered the children in need through a Facebook post seeking potential adoptive parents. The kids are already with their respective guardians and the adoption will be finalized on April 2018!