Mother Buys Wedding Dress For Waitress Who Saved Her Son’s Life

Mother of a Waffle House shooting survivor wants to extend her gratitude to the waitress who saved her son’s life. After months of searching, Vickie Davis met the waitress, Virginia Stanley and got her a wedding dress to honor her hero!

“She’s my hero.” Davis told “I was praying and asking God to help me find her so she knows what she did. She’s going to be blessed.”

Vickie Davis’s son was inside the Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee  when the shooting happened in April. It was the waitress who asked Davis’s son to switch seats so he wouldn’t get wet as she was washing dishes near it. Since he could switch the seat in right time, he was farther from the gunman when he walked in!

Soon after the shooting incident, almost all the staffs, including the waitress left their job from Waffle House.However the mother wanted to find the waitress and was praying God to help her.  Davis went on a mission to track her down and luckily the shop manager could connect Davis with the waitress’ fiance, Douglas Lauderdale. Unfortunately ,Stanley suffered many injuries and had been in and out of the hospitals since the shooting !

Finally 11 th July, Davis could meet her hero, Virginia Stanley and helped her pick out a wedding dress from Glitz Nashville!

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