God Sent A Kind Mother To Donate Her Kidney To Help Save A Toddler’s Life

Amy Miller, a living kidney donor, donated her kidney to help save a 2-year-old, Henry from Loveland. Miller, a mother of two boys said, God has given her the strength to endure the surgery after following her faith in God and happy to be part in helping people.

The toddler, Henry was born premature with renal failure and was in a need of 10 hours of dialysis every night to sustain his life. His mother, Elizabeth Rogers met Amy by chance at a prayer group and their faith in God united them. When she knew about Henry’s  condition, Amy was right away ready to donate her kidney and said..

“I’m an organ donor, I will give him my kidney ‘!

It was Miller’s love for her own brother that pushed her to do this kind gesture of love and the kidney transplantation took place on this May 15th, the same day on his older sister Annie’s birthday.

“At that time my little brother was dying and all I could think about was Annie’s little brother and his chance at life,” Miller said.

And by God’s grace, the child and Amy both are getting recovered after the successful transplantation. The happy mother has a lot many thanks to God and her friend, Amy in saving her child’s life from such dire situation!

“I think that God really is in control and I think he puts people in our lives for a reason. Maybe we didn’t see it two years ago, but He had His hand in it the whole time,” Rogers said.

Don’t you think , watching such heartwarming story will make our hearts strong and encourage us to stay in faith to love others??