Mother Gorilla Cradles Her Newborn Baby And Gently Kisses Him For The First Time In Heartwarming Video

An extremely caring gorilla mother is holding onto her new born baby while keeping a locked gaze on him will astonish you. Amazing photographs and videos released by the National Zoo, shows the first interaction between a mother gorilla and her son. The mama gorilla seen holding the baby very dearly in her arms and kisses him so gently and cradling him so happily will leave us speechless!

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C welcomed a new born gorilla on Sunday. First time mom Calaya gave birth to her son, Moke, a western lowland in gorilla, at the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute!The gorilla birth is the first of its kind to take place at the zoo in almost a decade. The adorable baby gorilla was bred last summer by 15 year old mom Calaya and 26 year old father Baraka.

The entire zoo team was happy to support mom gorilla and the baby Moke’s birth triggers many emotions , joy, excitement, relief and pride that all of their  perseverance in preparing Calaya for motherhood seems paid off in full!Now seeing her extremely caring love for her little son gives them confidence that “Calaya will be a great mom to Moke”!

Zoo officials said the moment was also special and monumental for them to see. They were thrilled to capture these special moments for the entire world to see and shared it at their website. The National Zoo wrote the breaking news in their twitter page saying..

“We’re thrilled to share western lowland gorilla Calaya gave birth to a male at 6.25 p.m. 4/15. His name, Moke, means “junior” or little one” in the Lingala language”!

The zoo website and other social media is now celebrating the birth of baby Moke !Watching such great bond and immense love between the mom and son is so fabulous to witness! A great love brighten up your day!

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