Mom Serenades Terminally Ill Infant Son With A Touching Song ‘Never Enough’

Pure and deep love between a mom and her child is “Never Enough” to enjoy for a lifetime! This loving mom is making a beautiful serenade for her terminally ill baby and her angelic voice is touching the hearts of millions with its deep love!

The mom of three from South Carolina took to the piano inside the hospital facility to belt out “Never enough” for her baby while he sleeps just near her!Abigail Tanner’s one year old infant, Lincoln is being treated at Duke Cancer Institute in South Carolina. She sing the “Voice Loren Allred’s Never enough” to her little son who is battling a rare and terminal form of epilepsy called malignant partial seizures of infancy.

Abigail’s angelic voice has now received the national attention after Duke Cancer institute posted this video online. But this grieving mothers response is simply heartwarming…

“it was just a moment between Lincoln and I”!

We pray for little Lincoln’s speedy recovery and let God give her strength to endure this trial time!

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