Little Girl’s Big Tantrum Turns To Joy Soon After She Spots Her Navy Brother Hiding Behind

10 year old girl Lundyn Harvey was throwing tantrum while leaving school in Pittsburgh saying “ that’s not fair” and throws her bag in the air!She wasn’t happy about her mother  giving phone to her sibling alone and she was moaning over it in distress! But in no time her strop turns out to be a moment of surprise when she spots her serviceman brother Markell hiding behind her.

The adorable video shows the 10 year old little girl is beaming in gladness spotting her brother and she runs to him screaming and hugging him and he is lifting her on his shoulder rejoicing!

Their Mother Tameia has 2 sons and one daughter. Her elder son is Markell, who is 20 years old  and is a serviceman at Navy and was away for six months for the duty! Her other son named Trey and Markell loves their sister very much  as Lundyn is the youngest at home. Now the whole family is very excited to have Markell for holidays and the little one seems much delighted with his surprise visit !

Their loving mother was in tears seeing their children’s love and fetches each and every such lovely moments and shares it with her dear and near ones to partake on her joy!

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