Former Navy SEAL Donates His Liver To Save A Dying Woman Whom He Never Met!

Instead of waiting for miracle, be a miracle! 35 year old mother of three is still living because she was fortunate enough to get a miracle from a stranger. 47 year old former navy SEAL Jeff Bramstedt from San Diego reached to UC Health University of Colorado hospital to donate his 30% liver to Melinda whom he had never met!

Colorado resident Melinda Ray 35 was suffering from a genetic decease that was rapidly destroying her liver, and was in desperate search for the perfect match through various channels. San Diego resident Robin Ihnfeldt  had learned about Ray’s dire condition from her best friend , who is Ray’s sister. When Robin said about Melinda to her husband he was quick to say “I’d do it”. Truly he hears bullets and he runs into the situations making miracles! We salute you man!