Kind Hearted Neighbors Clean Up Veteran’s House After Finding Out He Couldn’t Afford Help

Good Samaritans are always arrayed to help their neighbors in the time of troubles. Here a group of neighbors gathered together to clean up a veteran’s yard after finding out he couldn’t afford the cost.

Hurricane Irma that hit in Florida made a vast destruction as the category five hurricane tore through the nation and left many in trouble. A Naples, Florida Coast Guard veteran named Walter Landrum is one amoung such victim as Walter’s yard was covered in debris and he was unable to restore it due to lack of  money. Just 4 days before Christmas  this old man’s heart was further broken because his wife Charlotte has passed away despite spending much money in hospitals!

After FEMA told him that his house was livable, Walter continued to live in his disarrayed house until his neighbors came forward and cleaned up his yard for free.After knowing their neighbor is in need these “Good Samaritans” Brian Appe and Kenny Slusser along with 16 volunteers came to the veteran’s house and spent six hours to make him feel home again.

They were happy to be a good neighbor saying “It’s just what you do for your neighbors” indeed Walter was so much grateful for their offer saying “It renews your hope in mankind that they were able to do this out of the kindness of their heart”! Such a kind paragon to be repeated to make the world a better place to live!

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