News Reporter Jumps Into Action To Save Drowning Dog

These news reporters were there to cover a flood rescue story, but they ended up indulging in the rescue mission and saved a dog from drowning. The fire fighters and police had just rescued a woman who was swept away by flood waters on Sunday evening . Antonio Express news Reporter, Alexandro Luna  was there on the location to cover  this flood rescue story. But seeing a poor little dog in the water has melted his heart and he went down in a rescue mission to retrieve that puppy!

Most of the media personnel had gone back except few of them who stayed back to fetch the remaining details to furnish their reports. Another news reporter, named Sarah Durian was shooting some footage of the water and she noticed this small figure struggling in the water.

“I was like, oh my God, guys! I think there is a dog in the water,” Duran explained. “I thought it was actually a water bottle but no, I noticed he had little eyes and it was a dog!”

She then alerted the lone police officer who was still there at the scene about the dog. So the San Antonio Park Police officer David Ramierz brought a rope and attempted to lasso the dog. However his attempts to rescue the dog were unsuccessful and they had to look for some other way out!

Durian was quick to point to Alex saying “ You want to get down there..You’re thin”!

In no time they just drafted Luna into the rescue mission. Ramirez tied the rope around Luna and he along with other media members lowered him to the water to retrieve the dog. The heartwarming video shows the brave man is getting into the water and grabbed the helpless animal from the drainage area.

Together they could rescue the little dog and later on the dog was handed over to Animal Care Service!What a great team work and a lovely mission! You’ll surely enjoy the same!