Nosy Neighbour’s Text Saves Mom And Daughter From Murderer In House

While looking out her window, Doreen Giuliano knew something is going wrong on her neighbours’ house. She spotted a man lurking around next door and understood something bizarre is going on or going to happen. She noticed the suspicious man poked around at the trash cans before opening the side door and slipped inside the house. Smelling the danger, she was quick to send a text message to her neighbour, Jen Hunter.. “He went into your house,”“He’s still in your house!”

Receiving the alert sms, Jen and her daughter was quick to get out of the room. Unfortunately her husband, Jeremy was still inside the house and they just couldn’t pass the message to save his life. They have immediately called 911 and the police could arrive in minutes of time to her house. But in that short span of time Jeremy was murdered and the police could only find the intruder hiding in a closet in the basement. Their hands were covered in blood and were waiting to take the life of mother and daughter too!

“I think he was waiting to get the ladies, It just scares me half to death that someone could be lurking in the basement and then kill your husband and just wait for you.”Doreen said..

Even though the timely alert could save the life of a mother and daughter, they still lost a precious life to the intruder. But the situation would have been worst with more bloodshed if this “nosy neighbour” hadn’t texted her neighbour! Thank God for giving such caring neighbour who pays attention to the neighbour’s safety! Lets keep the grieving family in our prayers!