Nurse Falls In Love With Severely Abused Twin Girls And Adopts Them

A caring nurse extended her loving-kindness in saving the abused twin girls with a forever home. A Jacksonville nurse who was attending the “little patient” instinctively knew that she was in love with her and wants to become her mother!

Twin sisters, Delilah and Caroline were admitted to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for a non accidental trauma. Delilah had broken bones, a skull fracture and was severely malnourished. These 14 months old kid, Delilah was badly abused and was fortunate to land up under the care of Jess Hamm, a nurse at this hospital! Caring for this severely abused child in the pediatric intensive care unit, Jess Hamm was moved with an unconditional love towards the child. Then and there, without any hesitation, she decided to become her forever mom!

“My heart was broken, I don’t want to cry, she was just so lifeless, but she still held into my finger,I was like “ oh my gosh, I am going to take her home” Hamm said! While going through the formalities with the Florida Department of Children and families to adopt Delilah, she learned that Delilah had a sister named Caroline, who was also in the hospital.

She never knew she is getting a double portion blessing as she moved ahead with adopting both the girls!“I hope when people hear my story, it opens them up the possibilities of adopting” Hamm, who always wanted to be a mom, is gladly sharing her personal experience!

Now the little ones are happily growing with their lovely mom and watching them enjoying the well deserved life at their forever home will empower us to “feel out of the box to be unconditional in love”!!

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