Nurse Donates 8 Gallons Of Breast Milk For Cancer Patient’s Baby

A nurse from Nebraska Medical Center was kind enough with her extraordinary support in donating 1000 Oz of breast milk to one of her cancer patient’s baby resulting tons of praises ! And she was like an “Angel and an answered prayer” for this mom who was battling the breast cancer with her 5 month old baby!

Ashley Chestnut, a 30 year old mother of two was devastated in learning that she had to stop breastfeeding her 5 month old son since she was diagnosed with lymphoma, breast cancer!For this loving mom who used to consider breastfeeding as a privilege and who loves those special time with each of her kids, this unexpected decease was a cause for depression knowing that her joy has been stolen away from her.Initially she even wanted to stop the treatments until her son Easton was older, but her cancer was too aggressive to do so and during the treatments she had to pump and discard her milk ,making her morale pretty low. She had to stay in the hospital for five days in every three weeks and being away from her baby for such long time was too much discouragement for Ashley and her deep feeling was up with God!

Miraculously as an answer for her prayer, one day a nurse at Nebraska Medical Center named Jaclyn Kenney noticed a baby around her daughter’s age and she learned that he belonged to Ashley Chestnut. 23 year old Kenney’s daughter is just a day older than Easton and luckily Kenney was overproducing milk and was thinking about donating those extra ounces to a milk bank. But after seeing Ashley ,she has decided to donate her breast milk for Ashley’s son and did the necessary lab work to make sure her milk is suitable for Easton and donated nearly 1000 Oz of her breast milk which will easily last for a month and she is even ready to pour more love for Easton’s growth!For Ashley,Kenney’s visit to her room was like making a day and she literally broke out in tears of joy saying “ She is an angel and an answered prayer”.

Apart from Kenney’s loving support , Ashley’s older sister ,Theresa Hope also has gone ahead shaving her head on the same day when Ashley had a head shaving for chemotherapy! Ashley’s cancer is type one and her prognosis is good and surrounded with such strong supports she is strongly enduring her battle. Lets all pray for her speedy recovery!