Nurse Sings To God At Cancer Patient’s Bedside For A Miracle

Battling with cancer is too much for anyone. It devastates the patient mentally and physically. It’s the time they look forward for lots of loving care and powerful prayer supports. That’s when this simple act of love and compassion from a caring nurse helped a heavy laden cancer patient to relax with a heavenly hope! She sung a Gospel song with such love and power, that it boosted their faith in God to endure the battle!

One patient named Mallorie Bush Cochran was suffering from great trauma in her life. Cochran was diagnosed with cancer and started the chemotherapy during the last week on April. But she was 22 weeks pregnant that time. While she was admitted in the hospital, a nurse named Jamina Johnson came to visit her. I am sure the caring lady would have understood the agony of her patient and knew the need to remind her about the greatness of our Loving God.

She took her patient’s hand and sung the powerful Christian song “God, you are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you,”

The video shows the nurse is singing the gospel song “You Are Great” in the middle of the hospital room. Holding the hand, the two women worshiped and praised God together with great faith! She has helped the patient to strengthen her faith in the greatness of God to receive the miracle she needs.

Her entire church and her community is praying for her recovery and let’s join with them to see the “greatness of our God” in bringing a miracle healing to our sister!