Nurses Help Sneak Dying Man’s Dog Into Hospital For Final Goodbye!

The loving kindness and a courteous support from the hospital staffs have helped an ailing grandfather to fulfill his last wish “saying goodbye to his loyal companion”; a dog named Lil Fee. These nurses always heard the grandma talking about Lil Fee and she also brought the pictures of Lil Fee to put up in his hospital room realizing a visit would be too precious for David King! So the team of nurses and grieving relatives hatched a plan to sneak his beloved pooch into the hospital and eventually carried the dog in a big purse! For the first time that day, he moved his arm in attempts to pet his Lil Fee whom he loved so much and carry her everywhere he could!

David King, the grandfather of Ellie Miguel died on Wednesday after battling cancer for several years! Ellie Miguel, shared this touching story on Twitter; gaining quick attention and lots of thanks for this hospital staff for allowing a special visit!