6-Year-Old ‘Police Officer’ Spreads Love At Nursing Homes With Hugs And Flowers

This kid cop’s only job is to brighten the day for seniors living in the nursing home with hugs and flowers. And the little one does it so diligently. Every morning he rides around on his official police motor cycle with a bunch of flowers and distribute it to everyone in the nursing home with a sweet loving hug!

This super hero ,6 year old boy Oliver,is from Overland Park in the US state of Kansas. He loves to dress up as a police officer, thinking he is a “real policeman”! He use his own money to buy the flowers and start his day by handing out flowers and tickets to senior citizens that read “You get a ticket for being too cute”

His mother Brandi is so proud about her little son and wrote this commend, “People cry and stop me and say this is the best thing they have seen. He told me his New Year’s resolution was to go to more nursing home….I love to see him interacting the residents. He really loves it also”!

His duty in helping the community is even recognized by the local police department. And they gave him an honorary badge for extending such great love and affection for the elderly people! Seeing his cuteness and brilliance in doing such great gesture of love will move you to hug him!

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