Terminally Ill Dad Can’t Make It To Son’s Wedding But The Nursing Home Has This Surprise For Him

Attending the wedding of own children are the most genuine desires of any parents! But here a dad, who stays at the nursing home can’t make to his son’s wedding due to his terminal illness. Tommy suffers from Parkinson’s disease, late stage kidney cancer and Hepatitis C. His declining health was not in line with to travel the long way to attend his son’s wedding ceremony, which was intended to take place at Disney World!

When Tommy’s nursing home learned that he was about to miss his son’s wedding and the nursing home authorities, who always care for their patient’s welfare, came up with an excellent plan to make his wish fulfilled. Mary Walaszek, director of activities for the nursing home has arranged a beautiful surprise for this elderly man. They surprised him with a wedding ceremony arranged at their campus, four weeks before the couple went o Orlando to say their vows once and for all!

Thomas Dipaolo and Ellen Tyndell were happy to have cheers with their loving dad as he was very much there to bless their happy marriage. Even though standing was a struggle for Tommy, when he stood up to give his speech, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house to witness this loving ceremony!

Hugging the couple he exclaimed “I feel wonderful today, I just love my son so much. He’s such a good guy. I’m so proud of them”!