Orphan Turned NYPD Officer Has Touching Reunion With The Man Who Changed Her Life!

“Never undervalue what you do”!There are people who values people and their great deeds which brought life and light in the darkest moments of their life! This lady Police Officer Sally Zheng is one among them who valued about this officer whom she had met only once in her life but remembered him as one of the most precious thing in her life!

She was placed in a foster care from 14 years old and this Police Officer Ralph Torres was the key person in her life who helped during her difficult time! He has been retired and for past 20 years she is in search for this officer and her joining on NYPD was in hope to locate him! Throughout all the milestones of her life she was missing this officer until this NYC’s subways daily roll call where she met her most honored officer Ralph Torres once again!

Surely this touching reunion story will make you smile with some tears of happiness!

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