Cop Buys Meal For Homeless Man After Being Called To Kick Him Out Of Restaurant

Acts of kindness are always inspiring and we are blessed to witness many around us. A South Carolina Police Officer was kind enough towards a homeless man and his act of kindness deserves a lot of salutes!

Police Officer CJ Mullinax responded to a 911 call about a homeless man who was asking people for their scraps to eat at a Hardees Restaurant. He was called to “handle” the homeless man out of the scene. But instead of kicking him out, the kind officer pulled out his wallet and ordered the man two cheeseburgers!

Seeing the police officer doing such great of act kindness and handling the situation with a touch of love was fetched in by a restaurant staff. Employee Victoria Paige Summer was blown away to witness the officer’s kindness and recorded their interaction for all of us! It is sad to know that the homeless were a veteran named Donald and the employees at Hardee’s have been feeding him for a few days!

Officer Mullinax is known for his act of kindness and he never leaves any opportunities to be kind and helpful for the society! He was previously noticed on 2015 when he stopped to throw a football with children in a local neighborhood and yesterday he stopped to have a water fight with the children!

I think we need many more officers like Mullinax!

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