Police Officer Singing To 3-Month-Old Baby After A Fatal Accident Will Touch Your Heart

The parental heart of a police officer was much in demand to comfort an infant during a fatal rollover crash. A photo of him comforting a 3 month old baby after a frightening car accident has captured the hearts of Americans. The kind police officer exhibiting the heart of a father and loving a family during the time of crisis is worth loving!

That day the Dallas Police officer Donald Boice  had already responded to one fatal car collision on his shift and this was the second emergency call for him. This time the vehicle had overturned with two adults and three children trapped inside.

Boice could scarcely bear the thought of yet another fatality. “Honestly, my thoughts were just, ‘Please, God. Not another one tonight,’” he said..

Even though the call was assigned to Sheriff’s office, Boice was compelled to stop to rescue the victims. As a father of three boys, Boice was kind to go from cop to parental real quick. By the time he reached at the crash site, the three children ages five, two and three months has already been removed from the vehicle. When he saw chaotic scene around him he was compassionate to hold the woman’s baby while she received treatments.

“Both parents were screaming, ‘Please don’t let my baby die. Please don’t let my babies die,” He recalled..

Boice scooped baby Jackson into his arms and shielded him and his siblings from the trauma of the accident scene. He then began singing to Jackson, the same words he used to sing to his own children when they were babies! His own explanation to do the same is the answer that everyone love to hear…

“That could be my child, too,” Boice said. “And I’d want someone treating my child the same way.”

Verse of the Day

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. — Psalm 136:1,26 (NIV)


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