Police Officer Drives Elderly Man To Hospital So He Can Visit His Sick Wife

A kind hearted police officer went above and beyond his assigned duty, when he helps an elderly man to hospital to visit his sick wife. A Pennsylvania police officer was kind enough to answer the call he received from an 84 year old man, seeking help to visit his wife who was admitted in a hospital.Deputy Chief Bentley from Montoursville Police Department responded, taking an 84 year old man to the hospital facility and escorted him to the building. His courteous act of kindness is aptly highlighted and highly appreciable!

The elderly man’s wife was sick and went to the hospital a couple hours earlier by ambulance. The man could not accompany and didn’t have any friends or family in the area to help him to go and see her in the emergency room. And when he called police for help, Deputy Chief Bentley picked him up at his home in Montoursville and gave him a ride to see his wife at the right time!

The heartwarming video shows the police officer holding Baker’s hand, walking him to the building until hospital staff brought a wheel chair out for Baker and took him inside to visit his wife. His way of handling the helpless in his society is inspiring many through this heartwarming video!

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