Police Officer Piggybacks Elderly Man Struggling To Cross A Busy Road

A kind police officer went above and beyond his duty to help an elderly man who was struggling to cross the busy street. The crossing guard named, Qin Weijie’s compassionate act has been praised by millions in the Chinese Social Media Sites and watching him extending such great gesture of love will move you!

The heartwarming video shows an elderly man trying to cross a busy street in Mianyang, Sichuan. He slowly makes his way down a crosswalk during the green signal. When the walking light turns red, the elderly man has only made it across one lane of traffic. Even though the passing vehicles waits patiently for the senior to maneuver the walkway, he is still struggling to make it fast.

That’s when the kind crossing guard walks up to the man and asks if he could carry him across the street. And when he said okay, Qin scoops him up onto his back and gives him a piggyback ride to the other side of the street!