Cop Returns To Burger King And Surprises Special Needs Employee

This police officer was kind enough to observe the needy and becomes a “Good Samaritan” in his tough time.  And he is from Utah, a place of nicest people in planet earth. What this Utah Police officer, Steve Olson did for a Burger King Employee is yet another evidence for the same.

When this officer came to know that a 35 year old Burger King employee named Troy Robert lost his bicycle to thief, he never left him to suffer at the hands of thief. Instead he went ahead and bought a new bicycle for this special need employee!

Robert has a rare decease named, Williams syndrome which makes one to go really hyper and laugh and giggle in times. But his disability never stopped him to be the best employee at his work place. He is best known for his solid work ethics and he often makes sure everything looks good for the customer. He was Employee of the Month on multiple Occasions to agree with it!

Robert’s bike was stolen from his apartment and wasn’t a position to secure another one so soon. His heart was broken and just had one conversation about his bicycle theft with Officer Olson. But that was all good enough for this kind cop to return with a surprise token out of his own means.Looking at the new bicycle what this poor guy could do was just break out in tears of joy and excitement!

It’s really heartwarming know that between all the speeding tickets and criminal encounters, how this police officer from Cottonwood Height Police Department took his precious time and money to put a smile on a citizen’s life in a touching style!

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