Officer Helps Deliver Baby On Road, Surprises Him At Graduation 18 Years Later

A police officer who helped deliver teen 18 years ago on side of road is meeting him for the first time during his graduation.

18 years ago, Melissa Duboyce and her husband were on the way to the hospital to bring their new baby into the world. But the contradictions were close together, and were clear that the couple wouldn’t be making it to the hospital in time. That’s when the husband did the best possible thing he could think of by finding a cop on the road side. He met Officer Robert Hunt who had been finishing up a different stop and pulled over their van in front of him!

“I was finishing the traffic stop up and a minivan pulls over and the husband, Joe, he gets out and he (says) my wife is in labor and I don’t know what to do and kind of frantic,” Hunt said. “I grabbed a pair of gloves and I went around and she was in labor. The umbilical cord had been wrapped around the neck of baby and I had to clear his mouth and get him to cry. He started crying and another officer who responded brought a towel and we wrapped him in it and handed him to Melissa,” Hunt recalled…

Fortunately the cop could help the family on their critical situation. They have named the baby ‘Thomas’ and chose “Robert”- the cops name as his middle name! Now that little Thomas is grown up and he is graduating from Oakdale High School this year.

Thomas knew about Hunt who showed up from the stories he’d been told and the photos he’d seen, but he hadn’t yet met him.  And finally after 18 years, he is meeting his hero for the first time during his graduation ceremony!

“Before the ceremony, they had us all gather in the gymnasium at Mount St. Mary’s and one of my teachers came up to me and said someone who hasn’t seen you in 18 years is here and he says he wants to see you, So I was really confused. I had no idea he was going to be there. But as soon as I walked out and saw him, I recognized him from pictures and everything. So it was a nice surprise seeing him there.” Thomas said.

It’s too good to see that, they have worked out a way to get Hunt to the ceremony and was able to surprise Thomas! Once again , the happy meeting becomes a great blessing for Thomas and his mother!

“My husband passed away in August and it has been a really hard year and this was a really nice surprise,” Melissa said. “So this is really a blessing and I am thankful for (Hunt) and his wife.”

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