Police Officer With Cancer Refuses To Stop Working, Village Employees Donate Their Sick Days

It’s so amazing to witness a group of people standing for a particular cause. Here a community worked together to help a fellow officer.

When the police officer, Chris Kudla was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer and wanted to keep working, his colleagues and other municipal employees donated their sick days to support him.

Chris Kudla was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer, just before his 46th birthday in November 2017. Despite having to attend doctor’s appointments and various treatment sessions, Kudla told his police chief that he did not want to stop working.  Since it was just eight months he started working at Riverside Police Department in Illinois, he didn’t have enough sick days to avail and the chief told him that they would try to make it work! That’s when the other police officers at the department decided to donate all of their sick days, and the other staffs from Municipality department, local civil servants and city staff members joined them! Thankfully now Kudla can avail 6 moths of sick days and he is very grateful for all their loving kindness.

“Sometimes when you start to lose faith in humanity and you think that this world’s gone down the wrong path and there ain’t no coming back, something like this happens.” Kudla told!

The police departments also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to support Kudla’s treatments!

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