Police Officers Helps Homeless Woman Celebrate Her Birthday In Touching Video

Police Officer Leron Lee, was kind enough to give attention to a homeless woman who used to live at the ferry terminal on Staten Island, New York. He along with his co-workers joined together to wish her Happy Birthday and make a memorable celebration for Lisa!

The poor lady, Lisa is well recognized by the ferry terminal cops as a homeless woman in their area. When Lisa was celebrating her birthday all alone on June 21st, Officer Leron Lee decided to make her day a bit joyful. Remembering the date Lisa had told him weeks ago, the officer approached Lisa with words she never expected to hear.

“Lisa, Happy Birthday,” Lee said, “What would you like for your birthday?”

The officer was happy to oblige the request of birthday girl and bought cheeseburger, fries and a Dr Pepper for Lisa! It was while he was bringing the meal, his co-workers spotted him and joined the celebration!

Thankfully their amazing gesture of love was captured by an onlooker named Mandie Dee. He wanted people to see the humanitarian side of police officers and published the same on Facebook!