Mom Moved To Tears By Police Officers’ Act Of Kindness Toward Daughter With Autism

A North Carolina mom, Cindy Frederick was moved to tears after experiencing police officer’s heartwarming interaction with daughter who has autism. After spending a long day at Discovery Place Museum, Frederick, her husband and two twin girls who have special needs were having their dinner at Queen City Q. That day while exploring the Museum, one of her daughters Shealyn got separated from the family and the parents were concerned about it! To help Shealyn, the mother was creating “social stories” with series of photographs to make certain scenarios real for her special need daughters. And the mom wants to help her understand that police officers are safe, especially when she gets lost.

So when the officers were just nearby them, Frederick decided to ask one of the police officers if he could come over to their table to take a picture with her daughter. To their surprise a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer came forward and posed with her daughter for a snap.

When they went to pay bill for dinner, the waitress said it was already taken care of by the officers at the other table. The simple gesture of kindness by the police officers moved this mom to tears.