One-Armed High School Baseball Catcher Inspires Millions

He just have one arm, but that didn’t stop him to be a champion! One armed base ball catcher , Luke Terry is inspiring millions with his outstanding performance!

Terry’s right arm was amputated when he was just 19 months old after her contracted E.coil.  PICC line was placed in his arm to treat the E.coil. Unfortunately the bacteria went to his arm where the PICC line was placed in and it just started eating his arm away. He did have several surgeries and during the surgery he was even flatlined three times. Now his mom, Dana recalls all these hurdles his son went through in life…

Nonetheless he was destined to be a champion as he is able to catch and throw the ball from the same hand by flipping his hand. He releases the glove and throws the ball in the air and throws it back to the pitcher. Today this star catcher from Tennessee high school baseball team handles the field in such ease that he amazes the world!

Videos of Terry in action have caught the attention of professional athletes like Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones and Deion Sanders who played for the MLB and NFL. His talent has gained him fame and name in such extend that the Baltimore Orioles invited him to catch the first pitch at a game.

Terry told The Tennessean about playing with one arm. “Fans tell me, ‘You’re an inspiration.’ They want me to go a long ways.”

Apart from baseball, he enjoys playing video games and hunting too!  We do have few more athletes with one arm who inspires millions, like Terry. Those are Jim Abbott a pitcher who was born without a right hand and Pete Gray an outfielder!

I am happy to see many such youngsters triumphing against all odds in life! We are blessed to have them around inspiring us!