Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Tries Hopping For The First Time And The Internet Is In Love

6 months old baby kangaroo is taking its first hops and millions of  people are watching his adorable hopping! Amazing video shows the tiny kangaroo; Joey Bradley is bouncing timidly towards his care taker, Chris Brolga Barns and getting into a substitute mother pouch – a pillow cover!

Bradley is an orphaned kangaroo as his mother died when she was hit by a car. Fortunately the baby Bradley was survived in his mum’s pouch and came under the shelter of Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary. They are raising up this little kangaroo in their 188 acre kangaroo sanctuary in Australia!

Despite his sad beginning Bradley is doing well and spends most of his time tucked away in a pillowcase that serves as a substitute mother pouch! But now the little one is trying to hop a bit and its care takers are helping him with its tiny hopping and sharing its charm with the millions to enjoy!

The admirers are welcomed into the sanctuary to visit this special guest and take him out for a guided sunset tour or can have him to keep at your own wildlife shelter. The Sanctuary takes quite few orphaned Joeys like Bradley every year and ,Passmore Barns from the Sanctuary is proud to share their vision statement !” Our motto is animals come first”.