Woman Completes 140 Days Of Chemo And Gets A Warm Welcome Back To Home

After battling cancer for 140 days, a California mother gets a surprise parade from a group of loving people. Heading home of her final day of grueling chemotherapy , she was welcomed by a parade of family members and friends lining her street to celebrate her cancer free home coming. Margaret French was so happy to see them assembled with such loving care and left speechless with tears of joy .

The heartwarming video shows her dear and near ones sporting pink wings and carrying signs that said “ No  Mo Chemo” were greeting her. And those who has assembled jumped up and down throwing confetti and waving cardboard signs all around her. Watching them pouring such great love made her to overwhelm with tears of gratitude.And in the driveway of her Huntington Beach, Calif home French wiped her tears and thanked everyone for their great support!

Margaret was diagnosed with triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma in October. She has successfully endured 6 months of chemo, which ended earlier this month. She is expected to undergo a surgery to remove a now-dormant tumor and then some radiation therapy will proceed with that. Her medical teams are very happy with her progress and she is expected to recover fully.

This surprise event was arranged by her two daughters and the mother had no idea about it. Her daughters, Angela and Jamie had invited relatives from far and wide. They did it for their mother saying, “because my mom always goes above and beyond to make people feel special…My mom is an incredible woman…there is truly no one more deserving”!

What a great gesture of love! More powerful than any medicine to spring up health and hope in one’s life!