Girl Who Was ‘Paralysed From The Skull Down’ Defies Doctors

This girl was determined to move against all the odds life throws at her and remains successful in everything! 9 year old girl with a rare spinal cord has defied all the obstacles and doing extraordinary activities like, swimming, dancing skiing and climbing rocks are simply awesome! She was declared by medical science as “paralyzed from the skull down” is now surprising doctors by frequently getting out of her wheel chair to do things which were never expected by anyone!

Seattle Lennox, of British Columbia, Canada has been in wheel chair nearly her whole life as a result of Transverse Myelitis, a rare medical decease!She was born healthy, but suffered the injury and lost her ability to walk normally when she was just 15 months old.  But she was bold enough to push through out of her chair and did as many physical activities as possible!

Watching her way of doing things as normal as a healthy person can ever do makes us feel proud about her willpower. I am sure she will continue to shine and will live a victorious life all the days of her life! We wish you all the very best and a happy life ahead!

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