Paralyzed Man Told He’d Never Walk Again, But He Proves Them Wrong On Wedding Day

Against all odds of life, a loving couple is making their steps up to wedding with lots of determination! Fred Quin was told he’d never walk again after an accident and was declared that he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But with lots of help and cheering from his loving girlfriend, the young man conquered his life and made a glorious walk in the aisle! The couple’s wedding story is packed up with lots of inspiration and love that can make you feel happy and encouraged to face the life!

Fred Quin had been celebrating the Fourth of July with his family at a lake cottage near Grand Rapids Michigan, where he met with the accident. His life got flipped upside down when he headed out to the sandbar on the lake! When the group noticed that he is not moving, they have called 911 and put Quin on a raft to get him to the shore. He was taken into surgery since he had shattered his C-6 vertebrae and his body couldn’t move!

“The surgery was to remove those pieces, put a donor bone in, put a plate in the front side, and on the back side put two rods going down my spine,” Quin said. “And they fused my C-5 to C-7 vertebras.”

After all these treatments, he was told he will never walk again! But the young man was never ready to give up, but with Anderson’s cheering help on every step of his life he endured the battle! After months of rehab and intense workout they finally saw the progress! Throughout this hardship his relationship with his girlfriend, Anderson continued to grow and he proposed to her on a pontoon ride on their eight-year dating anniversary!

Eventually he could attain his goal to walk down the aisle with his sweet heart with just one crutch. On this May 12th the happy couple got married and they have made their victorious move! Watching their joyous achievement will fill our hearts with love and joy for the bride and groom! Congratulation to the happy couple!