Girl Surprises Her Stepdad With A Heartfelt Adoption Proposal

13-year-old Alexa Figueroa asked her step father to adopt her in the sweetest way. Her beautiful gift had a touching request on its last page, and it was a picture of Alexa holding a sign that reads. ‘Hey Dad! 10 years seems long enough don’t ya think?! Wanna adopt me?’

Gus Roman, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been raising Alexa since she was just 2-years-old. Alexa lost her father, Eddie on a Father’s Day, just a week before her first birthday. Later on Alexa’s mom, Mia got married to Gus Roman and the couple has a son, named Noah in their marriage.It was Noah who always wished to have the same surname “Roman” for all of the family members and insisted for the same. Finally they chose a ‘Father’s Day’ to go for a name change for Alexa and convinced her to have two surname as Figueroa-Roman

The happy video shows, both the kids are presenting their gift to Gus. But Alexa’s album gift was packed with photos of them together and Gus was happy to go through it. Filled with emotional memories Gus flipped the pages until he literally broke down in tears when he spotted the long awaited request on the last page!