Restaurant Employee Who Hasn’t Seen Her Family For Years Gets Surprise Plane Ticket From Coworkers

A group of employees at a restaurant in Laredo, TX surprised their coworker with a plane ticket to visit her family, and their loving kindness made her to break out in tears of joy!

Mary Keulana-Riotutar came to Laredo from Hawaii on a volleyball scholarship. Since then she has been working at a restaurant named, Cheddars Scratch Kitchen to meet her needs. And she has not see her family in six years and was missing them so badly!

She used to miss her family so much so that she talk about it ALL THE TIME! That’s when the caring coworkers decided to surprise her with a flight home, and each and every person pitched in to contribute for her family reunion.

And the moment she received the biggest blessing that she “EVER received” she was overwhelmed with tears of joy. She is so grateful for their love in sending her home to see her loving momma and seeing her happiness one can imagine the value of “FAMILY REUNION”!