Police Officer Finds Heroin Addicted Homeless Pregnant Mom, Adopts Her Baby

Holding the little “Hope” in his hand, this police officer is so glad to confess” I was led by God to take the chance-God brought us all together”!Albuquerque Police Officer Ryan Holets has adopted a baby whom he named “Hope” from homeless heroin addict after a chance encounter.

This cop was responding to a possible theft at a nearby convenience store on 23rd Sep. As he left the store he noticed a couple sitting in the grass shooting up heroin in broad daylight! Seeing that the woman was pregnant, Holets screamed at her saying you’re going to kill your baby!And in the course of the conversation, she emotionally told Holets that she desperately hoped someone would adopt her baby! This Police Officer’s heart was inclined to her cry and went ahead adopting the child soon after she delivered the baby girl on 12th October.

Holets , who is married with four children were happy to have this additional “Hope” in their fold! He and his wife Rebecca is happily giving Hope a life she deserves! This Police officer is also doing the needful for their birth parents to get the necessary treatments from rehab center! He is a paragon of selfless love and he deserves a great salute!

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